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Friday, 15 May 2015


Assalam and good day,

There are hundreds of apps available for learning English on the go from free apps to paid apps. Here are the top five free apps that teachers and students can use for extra practice recommended by Teacher Emma Segev, Teaching English blog award.

Five free apps for learning English on the go:
  1. British Council apps offer a huge choice for smart phones. You can look at the options on their webpage and download the apps on Google Play, Apple's App Store or using a QR codeOpens in a new tab or window.
  2. DuolingoOpens in a new tab or window. is a wonderful app that has just won the 'Best education start-up award'. It's designed like a game and is pretty addictive. It's free, contains no adverts and is very effective.
  3. Two min EnglishOpens in a new tab or window. is free, has no adverts and contains more than two hundred two-minute video lessons on a variety of topics e.g., social English, business English, travel English, common mistakes in English, idioms and phrases.
  4. Game to learn English powowboxOpens in a new tab or window. is a multi-level game, once downloaded it appears as English tracker. The first three levels are free. You have to spot the mistake - if you get it wrong, you receive a clear explanation. It's fun and easy to play.
  5. Real EnglishOpens in a new tab or window. offers a variety of apps at different levels: Business and conversation apps at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The apps are free, but they do contain adverts. Each app contains 20 lessons that focus on specific grammar/vocabulary areas. Each lesson is made up of five parts.
Personally right now I'm using the British Council apps and I think it is very useful in learning English. So the options are yours..

Until next time....