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Thursday, 1 September 2016

WRITING - ARTICLE (Gotong-royong)


Here I have a sample of articles essay for your reference.


The pictures below describe a gotong-royong that was held by the English Language Society.  The aim of this project was to clean up the school compound. Using the pictures given, write an article for your school monthly bulletin about the gotong-royong.

Gotong-royong by the English Language Society

Last Saturday, the members of the English Language Society held gotong-royong at our school. The aim of the project was to clean up the school compound. The gotong-royong began at 7.30 in the morning.
The Form five students cleared up the rubbish left around in the school compound. While, other students set to work, clearing and washing the drains.
Two of the English Language Society members had brought lawn mowers and began mowing the grass on the school field. The form one students set to work on the gardens, weeding and trimming the bushes and also clearing away all dead leaves and branches.
Next, the form three students washed the dusty window of the classrooms, staffroom, library and the science laboratories. A few students decided to do something about the school gate that had the peeling paint and was beginning to rust in some places. They scraped away the old paint and gave the new gate a new coat of black paint.
By the time the gotong-royong  ended, some of the society members were worn out but the school was spick and span. We gathered at the school canteen for the delicious refreshments provided by the teachers. We were happy that our school looks nice and clean again and we promised will always take a good care of our beloved school.

  • read the question and highlight the format of the essay
  • make sure the essay should be in PRESENT TENSE or PAST TENSE



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