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Thursday, 22 September 2016



Here I have a sample of description essay for your reference.


The pictures given a camping trip in which you took part.

Based on the picture given, write about the trip.

When writing your trip:
  • Describe the trip
  • Express what you and your friends felt
  •  Explain the importance of camping trip
  •  Write between 120 and 150 words
Sample Answer

         During the last school holidays, my class monitor suggested to go on a camping trip at Hutan Rekreasi Sungai Batu 2. A few of my friends agreed on the idea.  I also joined them as I love camping. The camping site is situated only two kilometres from my grandmother’s house. A week before school ended, we discussed the things we needed for the trip. Before we went for the camping, we bought some canned sardines, a few loaves of bread, some onions, eggs and three cans of beans in tomato sauce. We borrowed a tent from the school.

          On the day of the trip, I woke up at 6.30 in the morning because my friends and I had promised to go there at 8.00 a.m. We cycled to Hutan Rekreasi Sungai Batu 2, which was about an hour ride. Upon reaching Hutan Rekreasi Sungai Batu 2, we scouted for a suitable spot near the river to pitch our tent. Rosman, my classmate was able to pitch the tent within half an hour. I collected a pail of water from the river while Hew Ming went to collect some firewoods.  Amir roasted the fish his father gave him that morning, it was time for lunch and we had roasted fish with bread and beans. The roasted fish was delicious. Everyone praised Amir for the good job. Amir was beaming from ear to ear.

         That evening, we made campfire and gather around the campfire while we played some games and sang some pop songs. We slept quite early that night as we were tired. Amir and Rosman slept in the tent while Hew Ming and I slept in the open space as the weather is breezing nicely.

         On the next morning, we woke up early and washed up. After that we put down the tent and cleared the rubbish around our campsite. Then, we went home at 10 o’clock. We had a lot of fun during this camping trip and it will be one of my memorable experience  in life.

          From this camping trip, I had gained a lot of new experience and knowledge. I learnt how to be more responsible when doing my given task, work as a team with my classmates and the most important is we cannot be selfish. 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

WRITING - ARTICLE (Gotong-royong)


Here I have a sample of articles essay for your reference.


The pictures below describe a gotong-royong that was held by the English Language Society.  The aim of this project was to clean up the school compound. Using the pictures given, write an article for your school monthly bulletin about the gotong-royong.

Gotong-royong by the English Language Society

Last Saturday, the members of the English Language Society held gotong-royong at our school. The aim of the project was to clean up the school compound. The gotong-royong began at 7.30 in the morning.
The Form five students cleared up the rubbish left around in the school compound. While, other students set to work, clearing and washing the drains.
Two of the English Language Society members had brought lawn mowers and began mowing the grass on the school field. The form one students set to work on the gardens, weeding and trimming the bushes and also clearing away all dead leaves and branches.
Next, the form three students washed the dusty window of the classrooms, staffroom, library and the science laboratories. A few students decided to do something about the school gate that had the peeling paint and was beginning to rust in some places. They scraped away the old paint and gave the new gate a new coat of black paint.
By the time the gotong-royong  ended, some of the society members were worn out but the school was spick and span. We gathered at the school canteen for the delicious refreshments provided by the teachers. We were happy that our school looks nice and clean again and we promised will always take a good care of our beloved school.

  • read the question and highlight the format of the essay
  • make sure the essay should be in PRESENT TENSE or PAST TENSE



Assalam and Good day everyone...

Here I have the link of the new DSKP for Form 1 next year. For 2017 the new KSSM will be applied to Form 1 students...

Form 1:

Happy downloading teachers.....;)

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - FORM 1 graphic novel

Assalam and Good Day,

Here I have some notes about Form 1 novel - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Jules Verne)

1.      Synopsis

The story of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea begins in the year 1866. Mysterious events at sea which take place in July 1866 have been damaging steamers and passenger ships. Prof. Aronnax, a famous scientist and expert on undersea life is invited to join a special mission on the Abraham Lincoln, a warship sent to hunt for the sea creature that has been sinking ships in the ocean. Joining Prof. Aronnax on the mission are Conseil, his manservant and Ned Land, the 'prince of harpooners'.

The crew on the Abraham Lincoln looks for the sea creature in the Atlantic Ocean for three months. As everyone begins to doubt the existence of the sea monster, Ned spots it in the ocean. It has the shape of a fish with a shiny black body and is around 250 feet long. the crew starts firing their cannons but fails to cause any damage. The sea creature then crashes into the Abraham Lincoln and Prof Aronnax falls overboard. Conseil jumps into the sea to save him. The two of them are saved by Ned and later find themselves sitting on top of the sea creature, which is actually a submarine.

Several submarine crewmen lock Prof Aronnax, Conseil and Ned in a prison. After three days being locked up, they meet Captain Nemo, the commander of the Nautilus. The men are treated well by Captain Nemo and they are allowed to wander around the submarine. Prof Aronnax are amazed to see more than 12,000 books in the library and collection from the sea. 

Captain Nemo takes Prof Aronnax and Conseil on a hunting expedition in the Forest of Crespo Island. One day, the Nautilus get stuck on a rock at the Torres Strait, which separates Australia and New Guinea. Prof Aronnax, Conseil and Ned Land went to the land to hunt for meat but they are attacked by cannibal savages. They escape and return to the Nautilus. 

On one particular day, when they are in the Indian Ocean, Captain Nemo locked Prof Aronnax, Conceil and Ned in cell. The three of them fall asleep after eating their food. The next morning, Prof Aronnax is asked by Captain Nemo to look at the severely injured crewman, who later dies and buried in an underground cemetery.

Near the island of Ceylon, the men go pearl diving. Captain Nemo saves an East Indian pearl diver from shark but later he has to be saved by Ned when the shark attacks him. At Vigo Bay, Prof Aronnax witnesses the crewmen of Nautilus taking the treasure from the sunken Spanish ships. Captain Nemo then brings Prof Aronnax to visit the lost world of Atlantis. While leaving the South Pole, the Nautilus is trapped in the ice tunnel for two days. They almost run out of oxygen and as the last resort, Captain Nemo rams the Nautilus into the iceberg to crack the thick layer of ice to escape.

When the Nautilus is near the Ireland coast, it is attacked by a warship. Ned tried to signal the warship with a handkerchief but is stopped by Captain Nemo. Then Captain Nemo instructs to dive and ram the warship. Prof Aronnax is horrified with Captain Nemo's decision to sink the warship. One night, Ned, Conceil and Prof Aronnax get into the boat to escape from the Nautilus but they are caught in violent whirlpool. When Prof Aronnax awakes, he finds himself in a fisherman's cottage with Conseil and Ned. The ending of the story sees Prof Aronnax narrating his experience on the Nautilus and wondering Captain Nemo and submarine survived the whirlpool.

2.  Setting
        a) Time setting
            - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea begins in the year 1866.

  b) Physical setting

Prof Aronnax’s home

  • Prof Aronnax studies the different sea accidents caused by the sea monster. 
  • After coming to the conclusion that the sea monster is actually a narwhal, he receives an invitation by the United States government to hunt for the sea creature that has been attacking the passengers ship and steamers.

The Abraham Lincoln, a warship

  • It is the start of the adventure for Prof Aronnax, Conseil and Ned Land.
  • Prof Aronnax and Conseil are introduced to Ned Land.
The Atlantic Ocean

  • Ned spots the sea monster in the ocean.
  • Prof Aronnax, Conseil and Ned realise that the sea creature is actually a submarine.
The Nautilus, a submarine

  • Prof Aronnax tried to communicate with Captain Nemo but is ignored.
  • Prof Aronnax, Conseil and Ned are captured and put in cell for a few days.
  • Captain Nemo shows Prof Aronnax around the Nautilus.
The Island of New Guinea

  • Prof Aronnax, Conseil and Ned go hunting for meat.
  • Just before they are about to eat the meat, they are attacked by the cannibals.
  • Prof Aronnax, Conseil and Ned work together to escape from island and with the help from Captain Nemo they are saved.
The Indian Ocean

  • Captain Nemo brings Prof Aronnax, Conseil and Ned to go diving for pearls.
  • Captain Nemo tries to save an East Indian pearl diver from being attacked by a shark.
  • Ned Killed the shark that was trying to attack Captain Nemo.
The Vigo Bay

  • The crewmen of Nautilus collect treasures from the sunken ship at Vigo Bay.
The South Pole

  • The Nautilus is trapped in an ice tunnel to for two days.
  • Captain Nemo crashes the crashes the Nautilus into the ice tunnel to free itself.
The coast of Ireland

  • The Nautilus is attacked by a warship.
  •  Ned Land tries to signal the warship as he still wants to escape from Nautilus but he is stopped by Captian Nemo.
  • The Nautilus then rams the hull of the warship, causing it to sink.
  • Prof Aronnax, Conseil and Ned Land escape from the Nautilus and awakes at the fisherman's cottage. 
Will continue in the next post.......

Monday, 27 June 2016


Assalam and good day,

Before we learn about the poem, here are some introductions about WHAT WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT POEM.

For form 2 - the poems are MY HERO and WHAT IS RED?

My dad's as brave as a dad can be,
I rate him Number One,
He's not afraid of the dead of night, 
Or anything under the sun.

He's not afraid of a late-night film,
Full of horrors on the telly,
And is he afraid of skeletons?
Not dad, not on your Nelly!

He's not afraid of meeting ghost,
He'd even smile and greet 'em,
And things that scare most dads the most,
My dad could just defeat 'em.

He's not afraid of vampires,
Or a wolf-man come to get him,
If Frankenstein's monster knocked on our door,
He wouldn't let that upset him.

My dad's as brave as a dad can be,
And he's always ready to prove it,
So why, when a spider's in the bath,
Does Mum have to come and remove it.

Time frame : No specific time frame.
Place : The location is not specifically mentioned. There are references to somewhere dark, possibly a living room where late-night film watched or at home. 

The speaker is a young child but there is no mention whether the child is a girl or a boy.

The poem is filled with pride and admiration.


  • HERO WORSHIP - The poem illustrates the pride and admiration the child has for the father.
  • FEARS AND PHOBIAS - The child is afraid of the dark, ghosts, skeletons and many more. The father, despite being brave is afraid of spiders. 
  • FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS - The poem depicts the relationship of a family unit. While the father may be the hero in the child's life, the mother is just as important. She play her role when the father is faced with his fear of spiders.

  • We must respect and value our parents
  • It is important to have good role models.
  • Each of us have our own strengths and weaknesses.



Monday, 25 April 2016


Assalam and good day everyone,

Here is a PT3 writing question for revision. Focus on description writing. Hopes this can help in preparation for PT3..



The picture below shows a snatch theft incident, which you witnessed while walking to school. Based on the picture given, write about the incident for your school magazine.

When writing about the incident, you should:

describe what happened
express what you felt
suggest ways to prevent snatch theft

write between 120 to 150 words

Tips On How To write
1.   Read and understand the question carefully.
2.   Find the key words :-
·      For example : snatch theft, incident, witnessed, walking back to school, school magazine.
3.   In your essay you need to :-
·      Describe how the snatch theft happened
·      Voice out your feelings about the incident
·      Propose ways to prevent snatch theft
4.   Use the 5P (5 paragraph) technique to arrange and to write your ideas/points.

5.   Introduction Paragraph – ( 30 – 50 words )
·      Last week – I – walking – to school
·      8.00am – football practice
·      saw – neighbour – Miss Siti – opposite road – waiting for bus
·      she – holding a big brown – handbag

6.   Body - First Paragraph( Describe what you saw happen)
·      saw – a motorbike – two men
·      snatch Miss Siti’s handbag – fell down – screamed for help
·      shocked – gave chase – got away

7.   Body - Second Paragraph( Describe what happened after )
·      checked on Miss Siti – hand and leg – bruises 
·      father came – took her home – made a police report
·      I – felt – angry and sad

8.   Body - Third Paragraph ( Suggest ways to prevent... )
·      People – more careful / alert  - alone
·      More street lights - bright roads / safe
·      Police patrol – in / around – housing areas

Happy practising for PT3.....;)