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Tuesday, 19 August 2014


As salaam and good day everyone...

Last Saturday, Hulu Perak district had held English Drama Competition 2014 for Perak state.. The school which had been chosen as a host was SMK Sultan Idris Shah II (SMSIS)

My school was in-charge in supervising food (food committee...hee) Weee...hooo... Alhamdulillah there were not so much work to be handle as the school's canteen had taken full responsibility to prepare the breakfast & lunch and packed the food according to the respective district..

For this year English Drama Competition, there were 10 schools that represent 10 district in Perak... SMSIS  is the representative for Hulu Perak district. The competition started at 9 am and finished around 1.30 pm... The drama that I had enjoyed watching the most was from Kuala Kangsar district.. The drama was a fresh and almost genuine idea (but due to some reasons..the school did't manage to win...*sigh)

The winner of the English Drama Competition  2014 and will represent Perak state is.....(drum roll please....*wink) Kinta Utara district.....yeah!!CONGRATULATION!!

Congratulations to all 10 schools for all their hard work, time and MONEY(kekeke) for this year English Drama Competition...

School from Kuala Kangsar district


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