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Thursday, 30 April 2015


Assalam and Good Day everyone....

Today I want to share little bit of activity that I had done with my form 1 students for OPS English.

Theme : Social Issues
Topic : Safe and Sound
Objective : By the end of the lesson, students will be able to -

  1. practise the vocabulary learned
  2. practise the pronunciation of the vocabulary
  3. practise the sentence patterns related to road safety
Activities :
  1. Induction set - Teacher draws students' attention to the safety road picture.
  2. Ask the following questions :
       ~ What do you see in the picture?
       ~ What are the road signs they see in the picture?

  3. Students work in group of 5 and 6 and have to draw one scene/situation and prepare their presentations.
Three groups were able to do the presentation and students had the opportunity to vote on the best presentation and give reasons for their choice.

Situation 1 : A student go to town to buy a gift for his/her mother (safety rules to follow)

Situation 2 : A group of teenage play football at the pavement of the road (safety rules)

Situation 3: Students go to school  and have to use a busy road (safety rules)

The best presentation of the day is from Situation 1 group. Their presentation were very interesting because they were able to include the acting scene related to the situation. Their body language were also attractive enough to received the attention from the audiences. 

Happy teaching and good luck ...;)

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