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Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Assalam and Good Day.....

Today, the lesson is about 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

Theme : Environment
Learning Outcome : 
          a) to learn the sentence patterns used for describing a recycling process.
          b) to practise using for describing a recycling process.
Activities : 

1) Induction set - Teacher draws students' attention to the picture in OPS English handbook.

              - Ask the following questions :
                 a) What do you see in the picture?
                 b) What does 'reduce' mean?
                 c) What does ' reuse' mean?
                 d) What does ' recycle' mean?

                e) How many bins for recycle items can you see in the picture?
                f) What are the colour of the bins?

2) Get students to work in groups of five (there are 4 groups in my class). They look at the pictures  
    and choose a recycled product. Each group will discuss the process of making the product based on  
    the pictures. 

3) Conclusion - Students present their recycled products. (There are 4 recycled products from my
pencil holder

pencil and paper holder

That's all. Thank you....;)

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